Your Step-by-Step Guide to Performing a Knowledge Audit

For many organizations, finding company knowledge feels like a scavenger hunt: you may be able to find one piece of information at a time (if you look hard enough), but you never have a complete view of everything at once. To truly understand the state of your team’s or company’s knowledge, you need a comprehensive map — something that shows a complete picture of how you store, share, and manage knowledge.

A knowledge audit can help you build that map. By auditing the information that exists within your company, you’ll gain an all-inclusive view of the knowledge your company has (or lacks), as well as how that information moves between people and systems. And you can use that map to improve your company’s knowledge sharing processes and implement strategies to equip your team members to work most effectively.

Download our PDF guide to learn how to perform a knowledge audit so you can increase the value of your company’s collective intelligence.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Performing a Knowledge Audit

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In order to develop a successful knowledge engagement strategy, you have to understand how different types of knowledge are communicated and most effectively stored.

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