Bloomfire + Slack: Knowledge Where You Work

Installation Instructions

Add to Slack
  1. After installing, you should see a confirmation message from Bloomfire under the Apps section in Slack. Click the Start Setup button below the message.
  2. Enter the URL of the Bloomfire community that you want to connect to Slack. This will be the default community in which you search for conduct when you conduct a search through Slack.
  3. Click the Authorize Bloomfire button to allow the app to access your chosen Bloomfire community. When you click this button, you’ll be taken to your community, where you will need to confirm that you authorize Slack to access your account.
  4. You will see a message in Slack confirming that you’ve successfully connected Bloomfire to your community and can start using the app.

Preserve Questions and Answers

When you ask a question in Slack, our integration lets you simultaneously post it to your Bloomfire community. Subject matter experts can respond in Slack and instantly preserve their answer in Bloomfire, where other community members can benefit from the information.

Surface Knowledge in Slack

Bloomfire’s integration lets teams that rely on Slack uncover company knowledge without leaving the app. Search for content in your Bloomfire community through a simple Slack command. Share relevant search results with other Slack users with one click of a button.

Keep Team Members Up to Date

There’s no need to rely on email notifications to alert your team to new information. Enhance the way your team members share knowledge by providing real-time notifications for new Bloomfire content directly to your team’s Slack channel.

How to Get it

Chat with us about how teams are more aligned and
productive when they use Bloomfire.