2 Emerging Learning Trends Distilled from DevLearn 2010

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We listening to over a dozen training professionals getting eLearning Guild certifications through our workshop.

We spoke with several dozen training professionals who packed out my session, Internal Marketing 101.

And we listened to nearly 100 training professionals who chatted with us at our expo booth.

From those conversations, I’m hearing two learning trends:

1. Learning Communities for Every Sector

Not only are learning communities useful for corporate America, from the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 5,000,000, they’re also useful for government agencies and academia. Why else would these organizations pay hundreds of dollars to attend our workshop, How to Build High-Impact Learning Communities.

Here’s a snapshot of the organizations that attended—notice how they come from business, government, and academic sectors:

  • Qualcomm
  • Safeway
  • Cornell University
  • Hitachi
  • US Government Department of Government Ethics

2. “I Get Social Learning.” Now What?

Brent Schlenker, head honcho and conference organizer for DevLearn 2010, took the time to comment on my session, Internal Marketing 101, which—to my surprise—packed out the room, with people even standing at the back:

Now people get (social learning), so what they need now are practical ways to make it happen. And understanding how to make internal change management happen is a pain point.

As Brent so elegantly stated, practical tactics for creating internal change are going to be key, especially for organizations that want to successfully deploy 21st-century training programs to employees.

To support the internal marketers who attended my session, I’m inviting them to my new Internal Marketing learning community (powered by Bloomfire, of course). If you’d like to share ideas and best practices on internal marketing, request a free membership to my learning community.

March 20, 2013

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