Avoid this “Landmine” when Shopping for Sales Training Tools

Bloomfire Admin
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Analysis paralysis.

This landmine rears its ugly head whenever you’re comparing multiple choices, whether you’re shopping for sales training tools or paint for your kitchen wall. I’ve fallen victim to it many, many times.

“Should I buy X instead of Y?”
“But Y has six more features than X.”
“Urgh, but X has a special price that ends tomorrow.”
“Is Y’s extra support worth the money?”
“Is my team more likely to adopt X or Y?”

Does this internal dialogue sound familiar? Imagine how crazy it gets when you’re trying to compare 12 sales training tools instead of just two.

Before you know it, a week flies by and you still haven’t made a decision.

So how do you avoid analysis paralysis when you’ve been tasked with finding the “best” sales training tool for your team?

Maybe by approaching the challenge like you’re buying a car.

Imagine being tasked with buying the best car for your family—one that your teenager will enjoy driving just as much as your wife. What are you going to do?

Start test-driving. Take the family out to some dealerships and start asking for keys.

You need to test-drive to gather feedback. And feedback informs smart decision-making.

I’ve noticed a pattern in how our smartest customers shop for sales training tools: they do a paid pilot for a certain period of time.

During this time, they invite potential end-users to test-drive with them while constantly encouraging feedback.

By the end of their test-drive, they’ve collected enough feedback to make a smart decision. Also, they don’t have to worry as much about user adoption, because they already have evangelists from their early user pool.


May 21, 2012

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