Three Key Aspects of Corporate Sales Training

Written by Bloomfire Admin

The best sales forces are made up of employees who never stop learning.  How do you make sure you’re helping everyone stay in tip-top shape, avoiding the ever-tempting lure of stagnation?  Continue the learning with a renewed focus on sales enablement and sales training.  Every member of the sales team wants to learn how to improve, but we all have some element of dread stemming from the old-fashioned, meandering sales trainings of yesteryear.  Here’s how to increase sales effectiveness most efficiently.  Today, virtually any type of corporate sales training needs to be:

1. Short.

We all do about a billion things at once.  (How many tabs do you have open right now?  Exactly.)  Our attention spans are shrinking faster than ever.  Your sales force might sit through a five-hour meeting but I’d bet a lot of money they won’t pay attention for five hours.  For example, if they’re going to pay attention for 15 minutes, you may as well make the training a focused, action-packed 15 minutes highlighting crucial takeaways.  Maximize your communication by keeping the training concise; choose your focus carefully and they’ll come away with the main gist of things, not in a fog from information overload.

2. Relevant.

The old adage is true for both sales reps themselves and for sales effectiveness training: know your audience.  If the training is meant to turn good sales reps into great ones, there’s no need to spend an hour introducing the company’s history.  This crowd already knows the background.  Adapt your message to the needs of the audience, and build on the group’s existing foundation of knowledge.  A new hire training session, for example, should be significantly different in length, tone, and focus from an ongoing training session.  When your sales team knows you value their time, and when they realize you’re providing training on relevant topics, everyone wins.

3. Accessible at any time.

It’s 2012.  Everyone’s schedule is lacking in wiggle room, but many of your sales reps are eager to improve.  If you make sure your corporate sales training is virtually accessible (this is why sales teams love Bloomfire) from anywhere at any time, more members of your team will seek the training out.  Even in-person training sessions should be recorded for later review and access by the team at large.  Allow your salespeople to attend and/or review sales effectiveness trainings online and watch how much more quickly the information disseminates.

Corporate sales trainings should be short, relevant, and accessible at any time, and if they are, their effectiveness will increase significantly.

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