Improve Lead Nurturing Content with a Knowledge Management Platform

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    Getting sales and marketing working together in perfect sync can seem like an impossible dream sometimes. We’ve all seen the disconnect: sales isn’t happy with the marketing content it’s getting, marketing isn’t happy with sales going rogue to get content on its own, and meanwhile, leads that seemed promising at first are fizzling out.

    Fortunately, knowledge management has emerged to help rewrite that old scenario. By integrating a strong knowledge management solution with a CRM, organizations can count on marketing to supply effective content to support sales, and sales can count on being able to pull up content that leads find truly compelling.

    Targeted, Relevant Content

    Using an effective knowledge management solution, marketing can target content to buyer needs and tag it for easy reference. For example, you can have content that’s tagged specifically for C-level leads at the top of the funnel, or content that’s aimed at manager-level IT pros who are closer to making a purchase decision, or a variety of other types of lead nurturing content that targets buyers based on their roles and where they are in the buying journey.

    The key is having a system that allows marketing to easily organize and share content on these terms. Ideally, you also want to enable marketing to communicate information to sales about new content initiatives, who those efforts are targeting, and the rationale behind them. By demonstrating how the materials are going to help prospects, marketing can better communicate the content’s value and will be more likely to get buy-in from sales.

    The Right Content, Just A Click Away

    From a sales rep’s perspective, being able to put your hands on the right content to move a lead to the next phase of the buying journey is absolutely essential. If marketing isn’t making the right lead nurturing content easy to find and share, reps are going to take matters into their own hands. This is what often causes a rep squirreling away a few favorite pieces of content and sending them to every lead that comes their way.

    The problem with that is that sales reps may be unknowingly sending outdated materials that are no longer relevant, sending an IT manager content that’s more suited to a C-level prospect (and vice-versa), or taking any of a number of other steps that ultimately don’t serve the sales process well at all. That’s when an effective knowledge management solution, integrated with the CRM system that sales relies on every day, can be a major game-changer.

    When marketing can offer up targeted content, communicate the rationale for it, and make it easy to find and use, sales no longer has to feel compelled to cobble together their own content solutions – and they end up with lead nurturing content that’s more effective..

    A Consistent, Compelling Experience For Prospects

    Creating a better content experience for marketing and sales is great, but ultimately, the real test comes in how content affects prospects. When knowledge management delivers a consistent, compelling experience for the prospect all the way through the buyer’s journey, that’s when it proves its worth.

    With a solution that makes content easy to organize, find, and share in a targeted way, there’s no reason to risk losing a prospect because the content they receive at a critical point doesn’t answer their questions or meet their needs.

    Look to a strong knowledge management solution that’s integrated with your CRM to bring sales and marketing together to nurture leads – and to bring leads closer to becoming customers faster.

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