5 Ways Tribal Knowledge Gives Employees the Full Picture

Written by Bloomfire Admin

Did you know most companies only give their employees 20 percent of the knowledge they need to do their jobs?

At Bloomfire, we believe in the concept of “Tribal Knowledge,” which enables a community of people to share ideas and best practices to make each day better than the last. Tribal Knowledge isn’t about big company off-sites or a one-size-fits all employee training. Instead, it’s focused on cultivating two-way conversations that allow employees to benefit from all their peers, not just a select few.

Trey Tramonte, Bloomfire president and CEO, wrote an article in HR.com’s Technology Enabled Learning on this very subject. In it, he discusses how a shared knowledge-base allows people to engage with content in the context of a broader conversation so that knowledge can grow naturally. As more individuals begin to engage with the information, it can catch fire and spread throughout an organization, becoming a mechanism to scale information at a very rapid pace.

To learn more about the five ways tribal knowledge can give employees the full picture, visit this HR.com link.

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