Consider Giving ‘Gen Y’ What They Want

Written by Bloomfire Admin

Generation Y has been labeled as “needy, spoiled, impatient, entitled, etc” (the list could go on). However, there seems to be many traits we can learn from them. And yes, they are actually positive lessons that could benefit your workplace in many ways. No grunting.

The 4 changes, good or bad, that Gen Y wants to see in the workplace:

1.     They want to see Annual Reviews go out the window. They want constant feedback and they want it immediately. How can you blame them? Being made aware of your performance, or lack of, on a regular basis could benefit the employer and the employee. Everyone could use a little more feedback, and they could use it often.

2.     Having a supervisor as a mentor is something they seem to be demanding. Which isn’t a bad idea. Working for someone who helps you grow professionally could only be a good thing. Hey, maybe, the supervisor could even mold them into being their little prodigy.

3.     Transparency within the organization is something of importance to Gen Y. Being in the dark isn’t fun. Opening up the lines of communication throughout the organization could lend to a more transparent environment.

4.     Lastly, and most important, communication and collaboration within the workplace is of high importance. Gen Y is demanding there be more communication channels and better ways to collaborate within the organization. A recent study done by MTV found that, “89 percent want to be constantly learning on the job”. Give into your Gen Y employees demand and open up more communication channels. It might even encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration between your employees.

Don’t get me wrong Gen Y does have its flaws, as do all Generations, but they have expectations they want met and it might just change the workplace for the better. Engagement, collaboration, transparency, feedback, and open communication lines are not bad qualities to instill within organizations. Maybe they have something right after all.

Bloomfire could help ease the pains of Gen Y’s demands. Knowledge sharing at its finest and hippest.



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