Be a [generous] leader every minute of every day

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    Leadership isn’t just a title; it is something that is earned. There are three keys to being considered a true, generous leader.

    1.     Be honest.

    When you are honest with your employees they are more than likely going to reciprocate that honesty. If you are seeing hard times in the company, tell your employees. Let them know ahead of time that they will not being receiving Christmas bonuses, pay raises, or time off. But compensate for that by ensuring that if they perform and sales are up, they will see those things enter back into the picture in the coming year. It holds everyone accountable and makes him or her feel like a team. Honesty is always the best policy.

    2.     Be supportive.

    Be supportive of employees who are up for promotions, job changes or even things in their personal lives. When a leaders shows that they support their employees future career choices it helps them feel more confident in their position to move up or on. As a leader you should reach out and give them advice on how you have moved up in your career or what would be the best way to approach the possible upcoming promotion. Be supportive!

    3.     Be willing to give up power.

    In successful, generous, leaders you will find that many of them have the ability to give up the power and entrust it in their team. They have the ability to sit back and watch the fruit of their labor at work in return it gives their employees the chance to really succeed as a team. No one likes a power hungry leader.

    So leaders, be honest with you employees, empower them, and be supportive.


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