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    There are more and more studies being produced today regarding social within the workplace.  No organization is the same, therefore their social practices are different. But each report up to a 12% increase in productivity when they successfully use social learning solutions.  According to IBM’s Institute for Business Value, 46% of companies have made investments in social business this year and 62% plan to increase their budget for social business in 2013.

    The study done by IBM surveyed 1,000 individuals from top organizations around the world. One of the many things they found was the increase in social business across the board. The two top areas within organizations with the highest expectant growth in social business within the next two years is customer service at 54% and sales at 60%. At Bloomfire we have already seen organizations adopt our tool for those two reasons alone.

    A compelling example is Celebrating Home. They were in dire need of a tool where they could manage content that was being tossed around between their [19,000+] designers/sales reps. The company has successfully launched their Bloomfire community and users have accepted it with open arms. Kenny Mobley, Sr. Director of Marketing Technology at Celebrating Home states, “Bloomfire powers the relationship between people who have knowledge and people who need it, which is the very core foundation of the Celebrating Home community.”

    Every single company out there is looking to increase their company’s productivity, employee engagement, or build on their company innovation. In the next two years more than 80% of the respondents plan to implement practices within their organization to collaborate and find information more effectively. Not only are organizations looking to increase social interaction within their own establishment, they are looking to expand that interaction to customer service.

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