No Email Day: 3/3/13

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    No Email Day is exactly what it sounds like, no email for that day. We will be taking the challenge on March 3rd and hope you will too. A day without email sounds like a dream. Now, if we could only live every single day without email.  I know what you are thinking, that is just impossible! But it isn’t, just asked Luis Suarez, he has been successfully not using email for five years and his is Twitter account is a constant stream of engaging conversations with his peers.  Here are four reasons why you should give up email:

    1.     It has become a habit, and just like any habit, some become annoying, unhealthy, and need to be broken. Challenge yourself to limiting the amount of times you check your email on a daily basis.

    2.     You are setting expectations with your peers that you are available 24/7. When your colleagues know you are available any time of day they have set expectations of your response time. Don’t let them determine your nights and weekends.

    3.     Email is having a negative impact on your health by causing ‘Email Apnea’. Yes, it’s a real thing. Email apnea is a lot like sleep apnea; they both cause you to breath in an abnormal way causing harm to your body.

    4.     Email will soon be an archaic form of communication. A Gartner study predicts by 2016 half of large companies will have an internal social network, similar to Bloomfire, and 30% will consider it a lifeline like they do email and phone today.

    Who knew email could be so dangerous. We challenge you to take the No Email Day pledge and put email on hold for 24 hours. Utilize your social networks for communication, and engage face-to-face more. To learn more about how to better utilize other social avenues for communication watch the No Email Day webcast. We will even let you try Bloomfire FREE for 14 days!

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