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    We live in a world where if ‘you’re early, you’re late’ – in regards to information. A video can go viral within seconds of posting and you’re behind the times of you weren’t one of the very first viewers. The same can be said about information. No one likes to be left in the dark about what is going on, especially when it is in regards to their workplace. Being able to access information anywhere – anytime is becoming more of a demand from employees.

    As an individual who uses her cell phone as an alarm clock and checks email the minute I wake up, I know what it means to be connected 24/7. I am certain my productivity level would suffer if I didn’t have the opportunity to BYOD – bring your own device- or wasn’t supplied with the necessary tools to access relevant information anytime, anyplace. Fortunately, my company stands behind outfitting their employees with the tools necessary to be productive in and out of the office.

    A recent study shows that 77% of employees enjoy using tools that make them more productive – this shouldn’t be shocking. What’s shocking is that the number isn’t 100%. What companies need to understand is that not only do their employees enjoy using useful information sharing tools – they actually want to be productive. Just imagine being able to find the right tool to be able to do both. Crazy, I know!

    Studies indicate 49% of males and 44% of females would agree that social tools have led to a positive increase in their productivity. That is great news! However, the hurdle to get employers to grasp the importance of social tools is a beast on its own. Employees would say that 34% underestimate the benefits of social tools in the workplace. In order to get any new programs implemented within your organization, it is imperative to have executive support. If they aren’t on board then it’s going to be very hard to initiate such a movement.

    There are plenty of data-driven ways to tie online collaboration tools to business objectives that will get you the executive sponsorship that you need. To find out how to get your program off the ground, visit

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