Thank you Dreamforce for a Darn Good Time!

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    Dreamforce 2013 was the biggest and best yet. There wasn’t a square inch of San Francisco that wasn’t crawling with Dreamforce attendees looking for the latest and greatest apps. Everyone was excited about the compelling keynotes and the exciting things vendors had to offer.

    Three main takeaways from Dreamforce 2013:

    Mobile is hot and huge: It’s a no brainer, people are glued to their devices every waking hour of the day. Whether it be a laptop, tablet, phablet, or phone, they are connect all the time. People want to hear about what you can offer them while they are on the go. They are happy to see you offer a web version of your software, but they want to know what you can offer them from a mobile stance.

    People have a knowledge sharing problem: Everyone has knowledge they want to share or need to access that is stored in someones brain. They all have those “behind the firewall can’t access from anywhere but your desk” intranets, but they wanted more. Fortunately for them, they found their way to booth 2001 and found Bloomfire. We were making dreams come true all week long.

    The mustache is hot: People love a good mustache. It really is a great conversation piece. Not only do the adults get a kick out of them, they are big amongst the 7 – 10 year olds. Everyone was spreading the Bloomfire mustache love.

    Not only did we get to meet many new potential customers we got to see a lot of our existing customers. Thank you all for coming by the booth to say hi!

    Thank you Dreamforce 2013 for a good time! See you next year.

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