Facebook at Work Launches Pilot

Bloomfire Admin
1 min

Today Facebook announced they are testing the much anticipated Facebook at Work product with a pilot group of customers. From what we’ve read, the service will offer companies the ability to set up separate accounts for their users to communicate using news feed, groups, messages and events. These accounts will be separate from personal Facebook accounts but it will be possible to be logged into Facebook on both simultaneously.

LinkedIn also announced that it will be launching a new app for employers that will be used for sharing employee contact information and help companies share content with specific groups of employees. Bloomfire actually has a handy integration with LinkedIn to make populating your profile quick and easy.

We think these services are an interesting and natural extension of social technologies  – particularly as a communications channel – into business, and look forward to following their progress. What do you think about the news? Would you be interested in using these products for work?


January 14, 2015

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