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Happy Cheese Day!

Jon Hill
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For most companies, a random Thursday afternoon isn’t very eventful. But from the moment our COO Mark Hammer walked in and wished me a happy Cheese Day the afternoon could not come quickly enough.

This was a particularly special Cheese Day because it was our new Director of Marketing’s first week. Dana Youngren got a crash course in joining the Bloomfire team, which this week happened to include mounds of Mitica and gobs of gorgonzola.

Bloomfire employees collectively brought 23 types of cheeses. The spread was composed of some amazing soft cheeses, unique but classic hard cheeses and of course some wild cards like toffee cheese, chocolate orange cheese, and espresso rind.

Naturally, to determine a winner we used our very own Cheesefire community. (Yeah we did). Bill Tole, CFO, received the most “high-fives” earning him first place with the reserve gouda.

Because of QA Engineers Jose Dimas and Bob Lubecker we are able to celebrate this bimonthly event. However, Dimas could not take credit for it’s creation.

“Cheese Day was someone else’s idea in my previous position,” Dimas said. “One day Bob and I were reflecting on how much we missed it. So we decided to make our own Cheese Day.”

Between eating more cheese than any person should and a much needed recovery walk to Town Lake to wake up from our food coma, Bloomfire employees had a pretty great Thursday.

Join the fun. Check out our open positions on our careers page.

February 12, 2016

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