Live Demo Short: Improve Onboarding and Training with Social Learning Tools

Bloomfire Admin
1 min

Did you know U.S. businesses spend $125 billion per year in employee learning and training? However, employees most often do not apply what is learned in training due to poor onboarding. In addition, a lack of effective onboarding causes companies to lose 23 percent of new hires before their first anniversary.

Join us on Wed., Oct. 22, 11-12 pm CST for our Live Demo Shorts segment on “Improving Onboarding and Training with Social Learning Tools,” to see how social learning and onboarding can help reverse this trend, saving people and money. Discover key features of the Bloomfire platform that enable intuitive, informal and effective onboarding and training, including:

  • Series Playlist

    – Quickly and easily create a virtual playlist for onboarding and training new employees, customers and/or partners on specific topics.

  • Mobile Access

    – Bloomfire’s iOS and Android mobile apps extend onboarding and training beyond the physical boundaries of the office, connecting people with the information and knowledge they need – where and when they need it

  • Advanced Analytics

    – Real-time, actionable metrics give you vital statistics on community engagement and enables you to track series completion.

We’ll wrap it up with a Q&A. Register now to join us for just 20 minutes to learn how enterprise social learning tools can improve your onboarding and training efforts.

October 20, 2014

Harness The Power Of Knowledge Sharing With Digital Transformation

Companies that grasp what the digital workplace is really all about are willing to change the ways people and applications connect across their organizations. By fostering a digitally driven culture of collaboration, they break down silos, share knowledge more effectively and compete more successfully.

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