Mark Hammer Is Bloomfire’s New CEO

Madeline Jacobson
Madeline Jacobson
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Mark Hammer Bloomfire CEO headshot

Our team at Bloomfire has some exciting leadership news to share: Mark Hammer is our new CEO.

Mark has served as our COO since 2014. He has over two decades of experience at SaaS software companies across industries. And he has previously held senior management positions at SmartBear Software, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and CompassLearning, among others.

Mark is excited about continuing to innovate in the knowledge sharing space. “Knowledge plays a mission critical role at most organizations. Those that can harness it using our platform have a true competitive advantage“,” he says. “Our goal has always been to make it as simple as possible for our customers to find the internal knowledge they need, the moment they need it, so that they can focus on doing meaningful work. That remains our priority as we continue to develop our knowledge sharing platform. I look forward to leading Bloomfire and continuing to partner with companies like Capital One, Southwest Airlines, Conagra, and others.”

“Under Hammer’s leadership, Bloomfire has seen tremendous growth ,” says Peter Klante, chairman of the Board of Directors for Bloomfire. “As COO, he has helped the company become consistently profitable and has positioned Bloomfire as a trusted solution for enterprise teams across industries. Due to Hammer’s impressive track record, the Board believes he will guide the Bloomfire team to continuously improve the product and drive company growth.”

February 25, 2019

Harness The Power Of Knowledge Sharing With Digital Transformation

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