Enterprise Collaboration: Measuring the ROI

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    Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked about the ROI of your enterprise social collaboration initiatives. Or, what about the ROI of your enterprise collaboration in general?

    Social media is transforming the enterprise ­— in fact, McKinsey estimates that between $900 billion and 1.3 trillion in business value can be unlocked through the use of social networking tools and technologies. Are you getting your share of the return?

    From gains in productivity to reduced training costs and increased engagement, there are many ways that enterprise social collaboration tools are delivering returns. Some of these benefits can be classified as hard ROI and are easy to assign a financial value to, while others are softer and involve a number of elements that are adding value.

    We’ve made determining ROI easier than ever. Download our new whitepaper, “Calculating the ROI of Enterprise Collaboration Software,” and walk away with a deep understanding of the benefits of enterprise social collaboration, how it accelerates value, the hard and soft ROI benefits, as well as a check list to engage stakeholders and drive the greatest business value from your solutions.

    For more, visit “Calculating the ROI of Enterprise Collaboration Software.”

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