My Thank You Notes from BoxWorks 2014

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Post by Kim Carlson, Bloomfire’s Director of Client Success and Community

I attended #BoxWorks 2014 this week and can’t think of a better way to recap my BoxWorks experiences than in my own version of Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes”. Cue music….

kim coffeeThank you @Starbucks, for putting my name on my Venti Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte – no whip. Now others at my booth will be able to tell their coffee from mine….coffee in the mornings is mandatory at conference booths.

Thank you @Box, for the booth Survival kit, what a nice touch! You really take care of your sponsors…(hint hint all the other conferences in Bay area — you have competition!)

dannyThank you @Mulesoft, for sponsoring the super speedy wifi and being a rock star company! Thank you for also sharing how you’re enabling your internal teams and partners using @Bloomfire collaboration software.

Thank you @Sparefoot, for showing us that self-storage can besparefoot sexy. So glad @Bloomfire could help your ACE team get their jobs done, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process!

bob zukisThank you Bob Zukis, for being the only CEO I know who warms up a #BoxWorks crowd with a lightbulb joke: “How many bodybuilders does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”We’ll be talking about that one for years to come…(see @bobzukis for punchline)

Thank you @Box, for giving me $100 in Box Bucks!  No, I really mean it!! Thank You!! Love the Bluetooth speakers!!

Thank you @Taptera, for bringing your puppy, Token, to your kim and dogBoxWorks booth. With your furry face and endless booth charm, you have successfully put the “Booth Babe” out of a job! #boothpup is the new #boothbabe.

Thank you @Capgemini for being the official escalator musicwine and water bottle sponsor. You have officially put elevator music to shame. #escalatortunes

Thank you @Box for dispensing canteens of chardonnay in the women’s restroom. That was chardonnay wasn’t it?!

Thank you Oracle Marketing Cloud (@OracleMktgCloud) for the BEST booth giveaway EVER — a professional headshot. People walked into the booth shy and were transformed into “ready to conquer the world” biz professionals. Well done 2 Dudes & a Booth!

No doubt teams will continue to be transformed using the innovative and collaborative apps that are developed by, and integrate with Box.Thank you @Box for a wonderful #BoxWorks 2014.  See you next year!
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With gratitude,


September 5, 2014

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