How Remote Workers are Changing the Office

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    We read an interesting piece by John Boitnott in Inc. on how the growth of remote working is changing the makeup of the office.

    The article discusses the modern office that may include:

    • Shared Desks where two or more employees share a desk and schedule times they will be using it on different times of day or days of the week
    • Hot Desking where there are no assigned desks and employees sign up for a workspace each day
    • Non-Traditional Workspaces like couches or treadmill desks that people can sign up to use

    There’s also of course companies that rent executive suites and use co-working spaces, which we are seeing sprout up all over Austin for the many small companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers here.

    Bloomfire has an open plan, with offices on the interior for executives, and spaces on the exterior for meetings or quiet solo work. We also have an area with couches for group collaboration and of course, a treadmill desk.

    With the workforce increasingly working from anywhere they are, having access to enterprise knowledge and collaboration software like Bloomfire becomes increasingly valuable to provide all employees with access to the content and knowledge they need to get work done, wherever they are working.

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