Roundup: Learn How to Create a Culture of Execution (and More)

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    This is the first roundup in what will become a semi-regular feature. We’ll share articles that ignited some interest across the social learning, sales enablement, and customer service spaces. Part of my role at Bloomfire is to curate and share content on our social media channels, as well as within our internal company Bloomfire. I hope you will find this content valuable.

    What Modern Collaboration Looks Like

    In Building a Thriving Collaborative Workplace by Sam Greengard, we learn that older concepts, such as the zero item inbox, “are not representative of the way people work today.”

    Social Predictions

    In The Year Social Moves Beyond Social Media, Chris Bolman of Percolate cites the impending end of Google+, the scaling of Facebook and LinkedIn advertising, and the growth of solutions at the nexus of mobile, communication and media (not social networks) means everything is expected to integrate social media technologies.

    Social Media Strategist Dionne Lew discusses the pros and cons of social CEOs in Should the CEO be Social (spoiler alert: she believes they should).

    In Why No One Uses the Corporate Social Network, Charlene Li of Altimeter Group presents the latest findings on ESNs. The research shows that top executives don’t see collaboration and engagement as a good use of their time, so employees quickly learn that they shouldn’t either.

    Sales Reps as Marketers

    Analyst Peter Ostrow shares findings from Aberdeen’s latest report in a HubSpot article on sales and marketing alignment. In At Best-In-Class Organizations, Sales Reps Are Micro-Marketers, he argues that today’s sales reps need to be empowered with the right content, assets, and messaging to deploy as needed.

    Getting It Done

    Does your company have an execution problem? In How to Create a Culture of Execution, Max Bennett of Bluecore talks about four operating principles that early stage companies should implement to encourage a SSDS (See Something, Do Something) impulse.

    A great reminder to Treat Your Employees Well – They Are Your Best Brand Ambassadors, and four ways to do so, by Karen Mishra. The article cites a recent study that confirms friends and family are the most trusted source of information, followed by employees of companies.

    I welcome your thoughts on the content we chose to share, and recommendations on other recent articles that sparked your interest.

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