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Hey Bloomfire fans! The SXSW 2015 PanelPicker is open, and we would truly appreciate a “thumbs up” vote for our panel submissions, “Using Social to Build Community Around a Cause,” and “How to Embrace Anarchy as a Business Advantage.” To vote, simply click on the links to the panels, fill out the easy registration, and give the panel a thumbs up. You can vote one time for each panel.

Public voting makes up 30 percent of the decision-making process of which panels to include, so your vote really makes a difference!


Our panel submissions include:

Using Social to Build Community Around a Cause

501c3 organizations face unique challenges sharing knowledge and rolling out social business technologies that engage volunteers, donors and employees. Pinterest, known for its highly-curated content, has been successful targeting specific communities of interest. What if you could apply that same approach to curating content across your non-profit supporters? Imagine your own community where you have a searchable, visually appealing knowledge-sharing platform that allows your community to create, store, share and consume the information that is most relevant to them. In this session, 501c3’s The Miracle Foundation and Make-A-Wish will walk through their approach to collaboration and share best practices for getting started and ensuring long-term community engagement.

Questions Answered

  1. How to collaborate and share knowledge and information across regions and cultures.
  2. How to use social to mobilize resources and accelerate fundraising.
  3. How to create and expand your volunteer network through collaboration technologies.
  4. How to use social tools to remotely train new employees on practices and techniques.
  5. How to integrate social content with other technologies such as donor management solutions, volunteer databases and more.

Speakers include: Niyoshi Mehta The Miracle Foundation Scott Crews Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas Bob Zukis Bloomfire

How to Embrace Anarchy as a Business Advantage

The way we work today is outdated, based on bureaucratic structures that no longer make sense. With the rise of mobile, social and digital technologies, individuals now have the power to create, access and share vital information immediately, banding together to apply insights, findings, and consistence across all digital touch points. It’s a more civilized version of the “inmates running the asylum” where the pressure to conform is gone and the willingness to take risks is rewarded. This session will discuss the use of enterprise collaboration tools to disrupt the status quo, and how to cultivate a culture of (controlled) anarchy that yields greater employee satisfaction and business success.

Questions Answered

  1. What are the first steps to take toward flattening my organization?
  2. What does it mean to provide bottom-up leadership?
  3. What are best practices for getting communities to collaborate?
  4. How do you measure the success of a knowledge-based community?
  5. What types of organizations are best/least suited for a collaborative business model?

Speaker: Bob Zukis Bloomfire

The PanelPicker will be open for voting until Friday, Sept. 5, and in order to vote, you’ll just need to fill out a simple registration on the SXSW site. Anyone with Internet access can vote, regardless of whether or not they actually plan to attend the conference.

Thank you in advance for helping us move forward in the process. We truly appreciate your support.

Links to vote:

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