Webinar: Using Social Learning to Improve Knowledge Sharing

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    The most commonly used method of delivering learning is led by an instructor in a classroom. This method is employed to at least some extent by 95 percent of organizations. But what happens after the classroom? How do people find the information and knowledge they need to do their jobs?

    At the same time, organizations are facing an exodus of veteran workers, many of whom are poised to take their expertise and institutional knowledge out the door with them. How can companies capture and transfer that knowledge to an increasingly younger workforce?

    Join David Wentworth, Senior Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Trey Tramonte, CEO for Bloomfire as they examine how collaborative and social platforms can solve the knowledge retention challenge in both of these scenarios. social media can enhance and accelerate your organization’s traditional learning models.

    Discussion topics will include:

    • Effectiveness of learning types
    • The need for more informal channels
    • After the Classroom
    • Keys to knowledge transfer
    • Examples of companies leveraging social/collaborative learning

    Thursday, June 25, 2015
    12pm – 1pm CDT
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