ICF Uses Bloomfire for Real Time Q&A

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    ICF is a global professional services company with 67 offices and more than 5,000 employees around the world. Their international teams include business analysts, policy specialists, digital strategists, data scientists, and creatives.

    The Challenge

    ICF was using a mix of systems to store their employees’ collective research and expertise, and their teams were wasting a lot of time figuring out where they needed to go to find the right information.

    The results that have been most helpful so far have been in the question and answer function of Bloomfire…we’re able to deliver answers to questions in real time.

    Kai GutermanKnowledge Management Specialist, ICF

    The Solution

    ICF chose Bloomfire because they needed a platform to connect the various subject matter experts (SMEs) in their organization with the projects that require their input. One of the features that ICF relies on the most is Bloomfire’s Q&A engine, which allows employees to publish a question in the platform and source answers from subject matter experts across the organization. All questions and answers become searchable within Bloomfire, reducing the number of repetitive questions SMEs field and enabling employees to check the platform to see if the question they have has already been answered.

    Today, Bloomfire has become the central place for ICF employees to get their questions answered and find the knowledge they need to complete their work.

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