Bloomfire helps Insperity centralize their collective knowledge.

Case Study Insperity Centralizes Their Collective Knowledge Using Bloomfire

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Insperity is an HR management organization that helps small- and mid-sized businesses streamline their HR operations, manage costs, and minimize risks. Although Insperity began as a localized business in 1986, the company now has more than 2,700 employees and 60 offices across the United States. They currently serve more than 100,000 businesses nationwide.

The Challenge

With employees spread out around the country, Insperity was looking for a way to allow their dispersed team members to efficiently share information. Because the company handles sensitive data, they also needed a platform that would store their information securely.

The Solution

Insperity initially began using Bloomfire in 2015 as a knowledge sharing tool for their sales department. After seeing success with the sales team, Insperity expanded their use of Bloomfire across their services department.

Now, Bloomfire has become the central hub where employees across the country can go to share their expertise, ask and answer questions, or form connections around similar topics, questions, or job roles. Employees across the sales and services departments have been quick to adopt the intuitive platform, and Director of Performance Improvement Lisa Jaspers says that it typically takes 10 minutes or less to get new users up to speed with the software.

Everyone’s going to different meetings in different places at different times. Bloomfire is a great way for people to still interact and provide thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and support to one another.
Jeff Miller
Director of Learning and Performance, Insperity

Insperity’s former Director of Learning and Performance, Jeff Miller, credits Bloomfire with bringing a very traditional business into the 21st century. Bloomfire helps Insperity maintain their company culture across locations while also enhancing the way their employees work.

Alicia Brewer, Digital Experience Product Manager at Insperity, says that Bloomfire has helped the organization break away from the traditional linear mindset of storing knowledge and has given them a faster way to retrieve information. “Bloomfire allows for relevant information to pop because those keywords [within documents] are always being indexed,” she says. “Other platforms don’t have that depth of indexing or depth of information retrieval that Bloomfire allows for.”


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