Webinar: The Future of Insights Panel at Future Trends Summit

The events of the past year+ have certainly taught us that the consumer have changed, perhaps due to Covid trauma or perhaps just from simply the world changing rapidly. This panel will evaluate the insight in what the new consumer will look like, what industry trends we’re seeing and how insight is now re-imagined.

In this session, insights leaders from Bacardi, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and DISQO discuss how the future of insights will be taking an authentic, human-centric approach.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar to: 
  • Identify what is relevant for you, and how to synthesize that information so you can challenge the status quo and ensure commercial success
  • Explore what’s coming next and translates that information into actionable insights
  • Expose yourself to a wide range of expertise and knowledge that will create a clear link between foresight & action
Webinar: The Future of Insights Panel at Future Trends Summit

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