How Insights Sharing Tech is Shaping the New World of Work

Your insights team provides impactful information to your organization to help drive key decisions. But how dependent are your decision-makers on specific team members to provide them with the latest research and insights? And if key team members leave during The Great Resignation, will decision-makers know where to find all the research and documentation that these individuals have produced? If your customer or market insights are siloed, it’s time to think about how you can use technology to capture and democratize that knowledge.

Discussion areas include:
  • How your insights team can use technology to share your work more efficiently across the organization
  • How to increase productivity and improve the overall employee experience with insights sharing best practices
  • Why a knowledge management platform should be part of your tech stack–especially during a time when employees are leaving their long-tenured roles
How Insights Sharing Tech is Shaping the New World of Work

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