Bord Bia: How to Banish Silos to Increase the Reach and Value of Insights

What’s the true cost of departmental or geographical silos for your business? For Bord Bia, the Irish food, drink, and horticulture board, any barriers to sharing their best-in-class insights and research could compromise their organization’s ability to build differentiation and win growth. In our webinar, Work Smarter: How Bord Bia Eliminates Barriers to Share Research Globally, you’ll learn how Bord Bia has transformed their insights distribution to give their network of offices around the world access to on-demand research and insights 24/7/365.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:
  • Break down organizational silos and increase collaboration
  • Create an organization-wide learning culture
  • Increase the ROI of research investments
  • Boost connectivity to help create a smart decision-making environment
Bord Bia: How to Banish Silos to Increase the Reach and Value of Insights

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Helen KingDirector of Strategic Insights & Planning, Bord Bia
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