Dan Stradtman

Chief Marketing Officer

A long-time insights and consumer intelligence veteran, Dan has shaped marketing strategy and developed leaders at many of the world’s largest companies. When creating insights engines that amplify the strategic value of market research, Dan chose Bloomfire. In the end, Bloomfire chose him.

He is a highly recommended, award-winning insights, analytics and marketing strategy leader. Prior to Bloomfire, Dan lead insights teams at Amazon, Lubrizol (a Berkshire Hathaway Company), GE and Walmart. He has a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and has been working with knowledge management, research and insights for over 25 years.

“My primary focus has been building and leading great teams that unlock proprietary insights to guide strategy, innovation, commercialization.”

My “evergreen” goals include:
● Lead by being my organization’s “headlights”
● Drive strategy with insights & analytics
● Create brand value through content based in proprietary category knowledge
● C-suite impact via storytelling & actionable recommendations
● Illustrate servant leadership, building and leading great teams

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