Knowledge Management for Marketing

Centralize your content for everyone.

Create a one-stop shop for all of your stakeholders across your organization and across the globe.

Prove which content closes deals.

Use Bloomfire’s content insights to monitor which content is most effective for closing more deals faster.

Create community sharing with partners.

Easily communicate and share assets by granting access to rooms and creating communities for partner agencies.

Gain insights to improve marketing strategies as you grow.

Go beyond basic analytics and gets the information you need to make decisions that will move your business forward.

Unify sales and marketing teams.

Bloomfire is your company’s source for content distribution and measurement. Ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Benefits of Bloomfire

Marketers Love Bloomfire.

Bloomfire makes it easy to create playbooks and to measure their effectiveness with analytics that prove what assets move deals along and when.

Maintain Content Better.

Bloomfire’s scheduling features ensure content is reviewed for relevancy and stays up to date.

Build Sales And Marketing Relationships.

Companies with strong marketing and sales alignment outperform those that don’t. Bloomfire helps ensure you build and maintain alignment.

How It Works

Uploading and managing all types of content from your desktop or just about any online drive (Dropbox, Box, etc.) is simple. And analytics help ensure all content in Bloomfire is up to date and useful.

Organizing information in Bloomfire is simple. All content is organized by tags and categories, making finding information straightforward. There is no folder structure —employees find information using a search that is intuitive to use.

Share knowledge throughout the organization or with a specific group in your organization so that everyone has access to the information they need to succeed in their jobs.

Sales enablement requires actionable insights. With Bloomfire you know how each piece of content is performing and how your prospects are interacting with your content. We provide actionable insights to help you optimize your processes and sell faster.

Many sales teams live in Salesforce. With our integration, they never have to leave it to get the Bloomfire features and insights they need to be successful.


Sales teams on the go rely on Bloomfire’s mobile app and website to interact with their prospects and sell. We offer iOS and Android apps — and our website is optimized for use on phones and tablets.


Additional Features

Video Capture Feature

Video Capture

With Bloomfire’s built-in video capture, you can easily create video of your screen or yourself.

Organize Groups Feature

Organize by Groups

Create unlimited individual groups so Marketing, Sales, and others can share within and across groups.



We integrate with solutions like Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and more.


A Robust API

So you can develop further integrations with the tools you already use.

All of your Marketing Information, Just Easier to Find

Chat with us about how marketing teams are more organized and empowered when they use Bloomfire.