Talla: a Foundational Knowledge Base with Conversational AI

Optimize how and where your team works with Talla, a foundational knowledge base with conversational AI from Bloomfire. Equip employees with your company’s collective knowledge and easily address knowledge gaps so teams always have the latest information at their fingertips.

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Built to streamline workflows for smaller teams

Talla offers an ideal starting point for building searchable, internal knowledge articles for smaller teams initiating a knowledge platform, without all the additional features of a Bloomfire Community. Talla’s conversational AI equips employees with knowledge from our Google Chrome Extension and Slack and MS Teams chatbots. In-app analytics and a training portal will help you discover and close knowledge gaps so teams always have the best information available.

Improve Distribution
Conversational AI

Users ask questions, and Talla pinpoints answers from your knowledge pages. It’s that simple.

Create Series of Related Content
Integrated Interfaces

Talla’s Chrome extension and integrations with Slack and MS Teams meet people where they work.

Compliance Ready
Training Portal

Instant feedback from users makes it easy to identify and fill knowledge gaps.

Gain Insight
Understand Your Knowledge Base with Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse of your knowledge base with reports about content health, engagement, and usage trends.

Minimize errors and repetition

“Talla has improved our consistency in training new hires. We’re hearing from our front-line team that they feel more empowered because Talla gets them the answer when they have a customer either on the phone or in front of them.”

Debbie Clow, Director of Project Management | MyPoint Credit Union

Companies Using Talla reported improvements

80 %

reduction in manual work

10 %

improvement into support call times

90 %

automation of frequently asked questions

Getting Started with Talla

1. Build Groups

Ensure internal employees can access the right information by building groups to organize content. You can restrict access to sensitive information and enable filtering so knowledge is easier to find.

2. Create knowledge

Create and store your knowledge directly in Talla using a rich text editor, and select groups for publishing—format articles with section headers so they’re optimized for conversational AI. Talla doesn’t support uploading documents or videos, but that is available with Bloomfire Communities.

3. Install Interfaces

Instruct your teams to install and use Talla’s interfaces to search and ask questions where they work most often: Google Chrome Extension, Slack, or MS Teams.

4. Train content

As employees look for answers and provide feedback by raising requests, your subject matter experts can use Talla’s training center to address knowledge gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a user searches or asks a question in the Chrome Extension, Slack, or MS Teams, Talla scans your knowledge articles and pinpoints the right information. Users are presented with direct answers without needing to sort through articles or blocks of text.

Talla’s training capabilities can teach our AI to associate questions that your employees are asking with blocks of content in your knowledge base. When Talla doesn’t know the answer to a question, a training request can be created so a subject matter expert can review and address knowledge gaps.

We are happy to work with you to estimate the ROI you can expect from Talla based on your use case. For example, a support team of 50 employees handling 10 tickets per agent per day can expect to save a collective 50 hours per week. Time savings will grow over time as Talla’s AI continues to learn about your business. Contact our team to learn more.

With Talla’s native editor, you can create knowledge articles with various formatting options. Headers and subheaders are recommended and will help Talla’s conversational AI pinpoint answers when your teams are searching for information. You can upload images inline, but Talla doesn’t support uploading attachments such as documents or videos. Robust attachment support is available with Bloomfire Communities.

Talla is an easy-to-use knowledge base that is perfect for smaller teams that need a place to create and host searchable, internal knowledge articles. Bloomfire Communities can do all of that, and more, including support for file and video attachments, advanced administrative capabilities, moderation workflows, and external content. We recommend a Bloomfire Community – available with our Starter, Flex, and Enterprise plans – for teams needing these features or for larger teams and organizations requiring scalability.

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