Five Best Practices to Future-Proof the Customer Experience [New Research Study]

Customer experience (CX) is now a bigger brand differentiator than both price and product. Customer behaviors, needs, and expectations have been rapidly evolving, and many businesses are scrambling to keep up. Leading businesses, however, are already meeting customers where they are and planning ahead to become more resilient CX organizations.

Our new study with 451 Research (part of S&P Global Marketing Intelligence) explores CX priorities and challenges for businesses—and what the most advanced CX organizations are doing to set themselves apart.

In this report, you will:
  • Learn about the characteristics of organizations with the most mature CX operations cultures
  • Access the 5 best practices to future-proof the customer experience and keep decentralized teams aligned and collaborating around an org-wide CX strategy
  • Find out how focusing on knowledge management elevates the customer experience
  • Learn where businesses are investing to become customer insights-centric

Key Findings From the Study:

45% of CX leaders say fewer than half of their decisions are made using data.

47% of businesses report having inconsistent, siloed, or reactive customer processes.

66% of CX leaders believe remote work makes it more challenging to collaborate across the customer journey.

74% of businesses lack a single source of truth across their knowledge assets that is available company-wide and across the customer journey.

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Only a third of businesses feel they need more customer data. More of a concern for a bigger proportion of businesses is how to operationalize available data and knowledge assets across the customer journey.

451 Research (part of S&P Global Marketing Intelligence)
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