The Essential Guide to Upleveling Your CX Maturity

It’s official: customer experience (CX) has surpassed both price and product as a key brand differentiator. Now, businesses must work to build a customer experience that is consistently excellent and can withstand both periods of uncertainty and changing customer expectations.

We developed The Essential Guide to Upleveling Your CX Maturity to offer actionable strategies for strengthening your CX operations, along with recommendations and success stories from CX thought leaders and customer-centric brands.

In this guide, you will learn:
  • How to establish an org-wide CX vision and clear ownership across departments
  • How to overcome common knowledge management challenges and establish a single source of truth for CX knowledge
  • How market research teams can proactively deliver insights to drive the customer experience forward
  • How to improve cross-functional collaboration around CX
  • How empowering teams to work from anywhere leads to better customer experiences
  • What leading brands like Capital One, Ameritas, Regeneron, and Dexcom are doing to elevate their customer experience through better knowledge management
The Essential Guide to Upleveling Your CX Maturity

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Knowledge management is a vital part of our customer experience as it elevates the simple act of sharing knowledge into a collaborative relationship with our customers.

Courtney LangdonCertified Knowledge Manager, ActiveProspect
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