The Enterprise Guide to Launching a Knowledge Engagement Platform

You’ve identified your knowledge engagement needs, evaluated a few vendors, gotten buy-in from your executives, and chosen a platform that aligns with your organizational goals. Now you may be wondering how you should roll out the new knowledge engagement platform to your team, along with the larger organization. Our Enterprise Guide to Launching Knowledge Engagement Platform will help you plan a successful launch so that you can start seeing user buy-in and a return on investment.

Read this guide to learn how to:
  • Lead the charge in launching a knowledge engagement platform across your department or organization
  • Prepare for an impactful platform launch
  • Drive adoption and get ongoing buy-in from your users
  • Define and measure knowledge engagement success
The Enterprise Guide to Launching a Knowledge Engagement Platform

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With the average sales cycle ranging from 6 to 24 months, it’s essential for stakeholders to have a detailed plan for launching their new solution after purchase.

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