Employee Experience Is Everyone’s Business

As employee expectations change and distributed workforces become increasingly common, leaders across all departments must consider the impact the employee experience (EX) has on their team and the entire organization. When organizations prioritize EX, employees are empowered to work, share knowledge, and collaborate effectively, whether they are working in the same location as their colleagues or not.

Leaders across all departments can improve the employee experience by championing knowledge engagement initiatives, which ensure employees can access, use, and share knowledge that exists across the organization. In our new guide, we explore the different EX areas that can be strengthened through a culture of knowledge engagement and offer best practices to establish this culture.

Download this guide for:

  • Insights into the relationship between knowledge engagement and the employee experience
  • Best practices for strengthening onboarding, ongoing training, productivity, and cross-functional collaboration
  • Insights from Bloomfire customers who have built a culture of knowledge engagement within their organizations
Employee Experience Is Everyone’s Business

“We all want to feel like we’re doing our jobs well. That is an integral part of the employee experience. In order to accomplish that, it’s incredibly important that everyone has access to the knowledge they need to succeed.”

Jason PaffordInstructional Designer and Communications Specialist, Orvis
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