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Your organization possesses a vast trove of valuable knowledge, from documented institutional information to the expertise of individual employees. This collective intelligence is critical to both day-to-day operations and innovation—but its full value cannot be realized if employees lack easy ways to share, access, collaborate across, and leverage it.

A knowledge engagement strategy can help your organization centralize its knowledge and turn it into a renewable resource. With The Ultimate Knowledge Engagement Workbook, you’ll get a step-by-step guide to develop your organization’s knowledge engagement strategy, from setting goals to getting buy-in for long-term success.

Download this workbook to:
  • Identify your organization’s knowledge engagement needs
  • Define your goals, objectives, and key performance indicators
  • Map your existing knowledge and gaps
  • Learn tactics to create an org-wide culture of knowledge engagement
  • Measure and communicate the success of your strategy
  • See real-world examples of companies embracing knowledge engagement
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75% of organizations say creating and preserving knowledge across evolving workplaces is very important to their success over the next 18 months, but only 9% say they are fully confident that they’re ready to address this trend.

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