The Market Researcher’s Guide to Knowledge Management

There’s no shortage of tools and technology to conduct research and collect data, but many market research teams are facing challenges when it comes to getting company decision-makers to take action on their insights. In many cases, what’s missing is a knowledge management strategy to break down silos and make research accessible to all the stakeholders who can benefit from it. Download our guide to learn how you can use knowledge management to make market research a true competitive advantage for your organization.

Read this guide to:
  • Uncover the challenges of reaching customer insights maturity
  • Get new strategies for communicating and sharing your research
  • Learn the benefits of investing in a knowledge management platform for market research
  • Find out how to make your market research team’s budget go further with knowledge management
  • Get tips to measure the ROI of your knowledge management efforts
The Market Researcher’s Guide to Knowledge Management

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Only 49 percent of business decisions are based on the analysis of data and information as opposed to opinion.

Cinny LittlePrincipal Analyst Serving Customer Insights Professionals, Forrester Research
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