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WPP Health: Leveraging Knowledge Management for Digital Transformation

Many companies believe they’ve gone through a digital transformation just because they’ve invested in technology—but a true digital transformation spans beyond this initial investment. Leading healthcare marketing firm WPP Health Practice identified the need for a digital transformation strategy that would democratize knowledge and insights across the organization and developed a plan of action to achieve their goals. In our on-demand webinar, Digital Transformation: How to Prepare for Knowledge Management, you’ll learn the steps WPP Health Practice took, including assessing their digital business maturity and creating a culture of knowledge engagement.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to define the need for a digital transformation initiative
  • How technology can help centralize your organization’s knowledge and insights—and make them actionable
  • WPP Health Practice’s advice for organizations in the early stages of developing a strategy to democratize knowledge and insights

Work is becoming much more flexible in terms of who you work with, and we’re pulling teams together across sites. Knowledge management technology is a facilitator of that flexibility.

Mark Andersson, International Digital Transformation Director, WPP Health Practice

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