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The New Golden Rule for Effective eLearning Design

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The New Golden Rule for Effective eLearning Design

gd enuf is good enough.

We are busy. Busier than ever. Time becomes a more precious commodity day by day. We don’t have time for fluff. We don’t have time for things that don’t get results. In fact, we have to prioritize our time against the endless things that are worth doing.

The increasing speed of the world and the escalating value of time have caused us to want different things today than we did yesterday. This shift has pushed us to favor simple, flexible, cheap, convenient, quick and dirty. We no longer have a need for complex, rigid, expensive, slow and polished.

We love Craigslist and self-serve. Give me MP3s and sticky notes. Draw me a picture, don’t make me a document. Today at the rim of the Grand Canyon there is a crowd of people capturing the moment on their cell phone cameras while their good camera sits at home. “But that picture is terrible.” “So what?” We want convenient and basic more than hi-fi.

Texting, IM and social media are taking over email which took over writing letters on paper. When was the last time you sent a letter with a formal address at the top and salutation at the bottom? But, isn’t that the right way? It’s not about being right. It’s about being gd enuf.

When it comes to learning, we want the real stuff from the people who get it. We don’t care if they stare off camera or wear a weird shade of pink. We hang on every word. We do this because they are the experts and we know they can help us. We respect them. That’s gd enuf.

Do you have any Golden Rules? If you do, please share them via comments.

May 15, 2012

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