Warm Response from TechKnowledge Conference 2010

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    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to see the next generation of learning tools—Bloomfire.

    Recently the Bloomfire team attended ASTD’s TechKnowledge Conference in Las Vegas to offer a sneak preview to the training and development community. The conference is attended by a wide variety of individuals from implementers of eLearning to savvy CEOs.  We thought this would be a good venue to share the app and announce it’s launch mid-March.  Tony Bingham (President and CEO of ASTD) kicked off the conference with a fantastic talk on Social and Collaborative Learning.  In his presentation, he shared this powerful video:

    While we are proud of what Bloomfire is, we didn’t expect the overwhelmingly positive feedback and interest we’ve received.  Quotes like “this is exactly what we’ve been looking for” were quite common.

    Overall we are just so pleased that the market has validated the need for our product in a major way.   The booth rarely had less 2-3 people engaged in a demo.  The tattoos were a hit.  We expect to see photos of “Rockstar Trainer” and “Learn or Die” tattoos posted to the Facebook fan page soon.

    We found that while most companies have a need to harness informal learning and are searching for tools, they just don’t have the time or budget to build one or stitch together a conglomeration of solutions.  Bloomfire is an simple and intuitive collaborative learning platform that allows you to quickly start a social learning community within your organization.  We just think the world needs it.

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