How to Be a More Effective Product Manager

Written by Bloomfire Admin

So, you want to learn to be a good product manager? Well the truth is, in this day and age, it is more than being a good manager. It is about learning to be a downright effective and successful one! There are many ways you can go about making this happen. The trick to keep in mind is that it is not about choosing one idea and making it work for you. It is about incorporating some of the tips below and then committing to teaching, understanding, listening and working to become the best product manager you can.

1: No Job is Beneath You

Keep in mind that learning your business truly means getting your hands dirty in all aspects! To understand a company, you should know what every department or every team member does. If you are going to be the one training others or conducting meetings relating to product management, you must have a general working knowledge of your company and the business as a whole and how your product impacts each role.

2: Be Familiar with Buying Patterns

To be an effective product manager, you also have to understand your customer base. It isn’t just about using helpful software to know what you have on hand; it is about applying your knowledge to try to predict the market a bit. You should get familiar with buyers’ patterns and habits and be able to prepare for this in advance, instead of trying to play catch up while the competition moves ahead of you.

3: Be Realistic about Focus

As important as your product is, it may not be as important to staff members performing other duties. In fact, it is probably not as important to your customers as well. Keep yourself motivated about the product so you can increase the interest of your staff and customers, but don’t ever expect them to be nearly as excited about it as you are (t-shirts can always help though).

4: Be Patient with Training

This doesn’t just mean to take the training slow to make sure others understand what you are trying to teach, but put some things aside for later. Giving out too much information at once, can lead to confusion and also cause some valuable details to be lost in the process. Focus your training in smaller intervals and help others truly learn from you, not just memorize a few details.

5: Use the Tools Available to You

It is important to stay abreast of new technology, product launch software or apps that can help make your job easier or more efficient. If you do not know what is out there as well as put it to use, the competition will. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the system you have works and there is no need to improve it. You should always be aware of what is available, even though you may not use all of it. Be aware, so you know what your competitors may very well be using.

Consider this a part of the training you should take into consideration, and add on from there. Use these tips to help you advance from being a good product manager to a great one!

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