5 Effective Sales Training Ideas

Written by Bloomfire Admin

Sure, the most important aspect of effective sales training is getting your staff trained. Of course, this sales training is only effective if you actually get people to listen to as well as comprehend the information being relayed to them. Whether you are training new sales staff or making current staff members aware of new concepts, sales training ideas can help make the most of your own training efforts. Using these sales training ideas may help your training in ways you hadn’t thought of before.

1: Make It Fun

Even if you are in a highly professional environment, it is important to make use sales training ideas more fun. In fact, the more professional the environment, the more important this may be. It gives everyone a chance to unwind a bit and take things less seriously. For new hires, it is a chance to see the workplace won’t always be straight laced. For current staff, it is crucial for them to see their work environment can relax a little. Not to mention this also helps those being trained actually retain the information.

2: Make It Engaging

Anyone can get bored simply being talked at. Make the approach more engaging and almost conversational and you are likely to see better results. When people feel they are involved in the training not simply being forced to listen to a lecture, their own attitude about listening and learning completely changes. If you combine this with making it fun, you are bound to have amazing results.

3: Hire a Pro

If need be, work with a life coach, professional speech writer or motivational speaker to gain some insight. This is a great approach if you are new to training or realize you need to improve your own training and speaking abilities. The things you will learn from working with a pro one time could change your approach to training forever. Learn how to make the most of your training time with others and you should be able to handle it from here on out on your own.

4: Offer Incentives

While bribing your staff may not be the approach you would like to take, it does help with motivation. Not only that but if you mention “reward” or other incentives early on you are likely to gain and keep your staff’s attention. You have different options such as a follow up quiz after the training or a contest for those who go forward and use the new material the best. Whatever the approach, let your listeners know there is some gain to be offered for grasping the material, other than the great wealth of knowledge.

5: Look to the Future

The bottom line is that the better the training you offer, the better the results will be. Think of this and truly see it as your investment. Well-trained staff will help be better producers, become future managers and result in lower staff turnover. Of course you want others to succeed, but keep in mind your success and that of the company also rests on your training abilities.

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