Understanding The Importance of a Marketing Portal

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    By definition, a portal is a doorway or a gate to something else. A marketing portal is no exception.

    It’s as simple as that! A sales or marketing portal is the doorway used to enter through and get to the next step, which is a sale, generating leads or even converting a lead into a sale. For your company to succeed, though, it is crucial to have this portal in place. Without it, your staff and potential customer reach a dead end.

    A marketing portal helps your team better understand the world of sales. It acts as a central content hub for promotional materials, sales collateral, best practice documents, and more. Creating a marketing portal is a way for all people involved in a potential sale to get connected and find the information they need.

    What Are the Uses of a Marketing Portal?

    There are many things you can use a marketing portal for, but some of the most important ones include:

    Centralized Expertise. When introducing new concepts to established staff members or offering training to new hires, a marketing portal can facilitate this training and link to information from other experts in the field. Sales and marketing managers can even use a marketing portal as a centralized hub to ask and answer internal questions.

    Training Tools. A marketing portal can house valuable marketing tools such as videos, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. It provides an easy way to share data and get questions answered. An effective training tool such as this can be accessed at the moment needed on smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices, as well as more traditional PCs and laptops. This means training materials are at each employees’ fingertips instead of contained to time-consuming and expensive workshops.

    In the Field. When your sales staff needs answers in the field to close a deal, the right software will help make this happen. Gone are the days when your sales team loses out on sales by not getting all the information their potential customers want. Having this valuable tool for your sales staff increases the conversion rate and helps establish your sales team as experts in their field.

    Who Needs a Marketing Portal?

    The answer could easily be anyone who has a product or service to sell. Without it, you and your sales team may only reach dead ends. A marketing portal helps convert your leads into closed deals. It also improves morale, as valuable sales team members know they can get the answers needed.

    Help your staff get the training they need and answer questions they may have on the go with software that acts as your marketing portal (we think you’ll like Bloomfire). Watch the transformation that can happen when you turn dead ends into open doorways by using a marketing portal.

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