Getting Over the Hump with a Smile

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There is a pretty good chance you haven’t made it through a Wednesday recently without seeing the Geico Hump Day commercial (it has 10 million views!). The only way to avoid it every Wednesdays is to not visit a single social media site for the day.

A video usually goes viral just once in its lifetime.  It rarely goes viral every single week. People absolutely love that video. The question is; why do people love that video so much?

Surely, the video would have gotten old after about the third Wednesday it has gone viral. However, that isn’t the case. It seems disengaged employees actually look forward to Hump Day, bringing them that much closer to the weekend. Therefore, they enjoy watching a humorous video highlighting the weekend.

The reason behind the virality of the video

The lack of enthusiasm the employees in the video display in their jobs is an indication of a disengaged workforce. A recent study by the Gallup poll indicates that more than 70 percent of American workers are either actively or passively, disengaged from their work. Employees can relate to the video because a good majority of the working population is living for the weekend. Most of them see Wednesday as the halfway mark to their beloved two day sabbatical from work.

Company-wide disengagement can cost your company big bucks. Employees who just sleepwalk through their day are costing the company productivity. The ones who once were singing the company praises, aren’t doing so anymore. This results in lost sales. Employees are wasting time focusing on negativity, rather than focusing on their jobs.

Three ways to recognize and increase employee engagement

  • Don’t look at Wednesday with relief (engaged employees don’t)
  • Respect from upper management can go a long way. Employees who are recognized by their manager as a top performer will more than likely be happier in the workplace. They won’t be looking forward to ‘Hump Day’ nearly as much as their disengaged colleagues.
  • Jobs security ranks at the top of what encourages employee engagement in the workplace. When a company has a high turnover, their employees are more likely to feel less secure in their job role and less likely to be engaged. Decrease turnover by not making rash hiring decisions. Take an appropriate amount of time when searching for the “perfect” candidate for the position.

Building relationships with colleagues helps increase engagement. When an employee feels a connection with a colleague they are more willing to step up and help one another when needed. They will spend more time collaborating, and feel ownership of their projects.

Don’t let the employees who are spending afternoons watching YouTube videos, falling asleep at their desks, and skipping out on work be your employees. Take the actions necessary to encourage positive relationships, respect from management, and collaboration.

Disclaimer – Take this lightly, if your employees love to watch funny YouTube videos, don’t automatically assume they are disengaged. The video just might be really really funny.

August 28, 2013

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