Bloomfire Picks Up Sales Training Software and Social Learning Technology Awards from Brandon Hall

Bloomfire Admin
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We’re pleased to announce that Brandon Hall Group, a research organization specializing in performance improvement, has awarded Bloomfire both a Silver and Bronze award for Excellence in Social Learning Technology and Sales Training Software respectively. The winners were announced on Brandon Hall’s website yesterday.

In the past few months, Bloomfire has continued to improve its application by adding features and customizing the user experience. In November, we announced deeper integration with Salesforce – enabling Salesforce users to access the expertise of all of their co-workers – whether they use Salesforce or not – without leaving the Salesforce screen. In October, we integrated behavior-based technology to automatically organize posts, questions, and series into relevant feeds, so that people can quickly find the information they need.

The Brandon Hall Group award entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executive leadership based upon product innovation, unique differentiators, value proposition, and measurable results.

Bloomfire Customer Results        

CloudBearing is using Bloomfire to assist their customer support team. Since implementing Bloomfire they have witnessed a significant decrease in the amount of support calls they are receiving.

MuleSoft implemented a new Learning Management System from Bloomfire for its workforce — and became more strategic in its approach to business.

Bloomfire enables sales teams to find and share knowledge more efficiently, ultimately leading to more closed deals. Customers support professionals using Bloomfire see a significant drop in customer support inquiries when they are utilizing Bloomfire as a customer support community. Their customers go to their Bloomfire to find the answers to questions they would usually ask a support team member.

January 9, 2014

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