Meet Bob Zukis

Bloomfire Admin
2 mins

Tell me about your career. 

My career has focused on the leading edge of business.  I’ve spent the last thirty years as a PwC Partner helping clients enter new markets and implement new technologies across 20 countries on 4 continents.  I’m now working with start-ups, innovators and visionaries to take these efforts to the next level with social technology as the primary driver of change. The future of business and it’s role in the world has never had more potential because of what this technology is now capable of, it’s now my mission to make sure we realize the opportunity.    

What are some of your hobbies?

I’m a sports junkie and a gym rat and my “little known fact” is that I always wanted to be a cartoonist. Cartoons were the original tweets, so this has now come full circle for me.

 What do you find interesting about the social business space?

Social business changes the fundamentals of business as we’ve come to know them.  Business has been a poorly designed, social, economic and behavioral experiment that is only 100 years old.  The shift in power away from companies and into markets, the economic ramifications of lower transaction and engagement costs and the control and introduction of spatial and temporal relevance into value propositions are all entirely new domains for business. How companies deliver an integrated and engaging  experience with their products and services into their markets is now the competitive playing field of every business because of these social technologies.  Social is the biggest business management game changer of our lives.  What we do with these new and amazing powers, is the only question.

What advice (or insight) can you share about utilizing social business tools to leverage workplace learning and productivity?

Learning and productivity is the “secret sauce” behind why social is such a powerful force, that is what this is all about.  My research into this issue, which is the foundation for my book Social Inc., tells us that social technologies literally make us smarter and more productive.  That’s what they fundamentally deliver.   Smarter employees, customers, shareholders and new ways to do things that drive massive productivity benefits.  These benefits are in intellectual productivity and also workplace productivity.  These are incredible tools for business to create and sustain competitive differentiation, the firms that don’t get this will have economic and competitive disadvantages behind those that do.

What are your top 3 favorite blogs? 

I of course keep the conversation going at my own blog which is where social and business collide. But others that are stretching the boundaries around these issues that I particularly like are Greg Satell’s and Ross Dawson’s Trends in the Living Networks.    

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January 30, 2014

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