Four Surefire Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

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    It’s no secret high turnover is a direct correlation to poor company culture which stems from a lack of employee engagement. Every year companies set out to increase employee engagement throughout their organization. They understand the benefits of having engaged employees so they first determine what is causing disengagement amongst their employees. They may administer a survey to gauge the employee’s engagement level or plan ‘engagement activities’ that can include company outings, in-office activities, or putting a playstation in the break room.

    While events and activities designed to engage employees are great and have many positive benefits, they may not have a direct impact on actually increasing employee engagement. Here are four surefire ways to increase engagement:

    1.Give them a reason to come to work everyday. Grunting every morning when your alarm goes off isn’t the best way to start your day. Employees who truly enjoy coming to work will be the ones who perform the best, care the most, and at the end of the day, help the company move up and to the right. Be the manager that they want to report to by working alongside them rather than above them.

    2. Always give positive feedback when warranted. Even if the moment doesn’t call for positive feedback, be sure to give them constructive criticism. You will both grow professionally by doing so. You will help them understand what they need to do to do better in their job and in return they’ll trust and respect you as a leader.

    3. Break down the management barriers. Yes, you do have a higher title than your employees, but put your peacock feathers away and roll up your sleeves. Employees want to see that their manager is human and capable of doing their job.

    4. Recognize that people are your best asset. If you look at the most successful companies today, you can find article after article on how they value their employees and their company culture is off the charts. Zappos for example, weighs culture fit just as equally as skill fit when hiring for a position. They understand the value of having a positive company culture.

    Management has to first understand their bottom line is directly tied to nurturing their talent. However, employees can play an equal role in helping increase engagement by stepping up and being a positive leader. If you work around positive people, then the environment is only going to lean in the right direction.

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