Advice For CEO’S, From A CEO, On Social Business

Our CEO, Bob Zukis, shared his thoughts on social business in a LinkedIn post, “Advice For CEO’S, From A CEO, On Social Business.” Bob says that while companies are realizing that cloning Facebook doesn’t work for social business, the market for tools that enable social engagement and collaboration that can help employees work more effectively in teams continues to grow rapidly.

He shares what starts to change when the right social tools are put in place from his personal experience, including:

  • Internal e-mail starts to be used for a lower order type of communication, reducing reliance on it as a primary communications vehicle
  • Work-related conversations where teams within a company come together shifts to social technology, where feedback and context is visible to everyone, and becomes part of the organization’s institutional knowledge
  • As a CEO, perception evaporates and reality takes center stage with the right social tools, on a real time basis, for better and for worse
  • With the right collaboration tools, teams get their jobs done better and more efficiently, new employees get up to speed faster and we don’t lose our institutional knowledge when a team member moves on
  • When scaled, these tools significantly reduce the engagement costs between our people and the knowledge we need to sell, service our customers and perform and innovate as a group


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