Bloomfire Announces New Sales Enablement Software Solution

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Bloomfire, developers of the leading knowledge sharing platform used across the world, today announced the release of Bloomfire SE to empower sales teams to send content to prospects and gain insights on how that content affects the sales process.

Bloomfire SE includes a number of features designed to align sales and marketing teams. Marketing and sales operations teams can use the software to upload the best prospect-facing content. Sales reps can use the software to send the content to prospects. And managers and others can use Bloomfire SE’s powerful analytics to determine the optimal point in the sales cycle to send the optimal content. The end results are better equipped sales teams and marketing teams with far more knowledge about how the content is being used and when.

Tina Harkness at Cannon Financial, which has used Bloomfire SE, has seen the new features and understands their unique value to today’s sales organizations. “If you want your sales teams to use a sales enablement solution, it has to be easy. Bloomfire SE is simple to use and it’s powerful — in the way it allows for sending content to prospects and in the insights it provides to help efficiently and effectively drive the sales process.”

According to Mark Hammer, Bloomfire’s Chief Operating Officer, extending Bloomfire’s functionality to sales and marketing is a natural extension of the company’s mission. “Our mission is to connect people with the information they need to do their jobs,” Hammer said. “Bloomfire SE is a powerful platform for connecting sales reps with their prospects through content. But the real power is in the insights sales and marketing teams will gain from this – insights that have the potential for completely changing how sales teams engage their customers.”

Bloomfire SE is available as a standalone platform or as an integration with Salesforce. The platform is available today in regular and enterprise editions.

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February 2, 2016

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