Bloomfire Enhances Knowledge Sharing Capabilities With Zendesk Integration And Launches New Customer Support Portal Service

Dana Youngren
Dana Youngren
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Customer Support Rep Looking Up Customer Question On Bloomfire_ Via Zendesk

Today Bloomfire announced a new suite of features designed to improve the customer experience through support operations: a Zendesk Inc. app and a custom support portal service.

Bloomfire’s award-winning software helps employees find the information that they need to do their jobs, and Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. The new Bloomfire app for Zendesk allows customer support employees to easily harness the knowledge power of Bloomfire without leaving Zendesk.

As customer support agents are assigned tickets within Zendesk, Bloomfire’s integration automatically scans those tickets and suggests related content within Bloomfire. If the agent finds the suggested content useful to resolve the issue, they can link the content to the ticket, so that in the future other agents may benefit from the same suggestion.

If Bloomfire’s automatic scan is unable to locate any content related to the ticket, agents can access Bloomfire’s powerful search from within Zendesk to find the information they need to resolve the customer’s issue. Agents can also create content and ask questions in Bloomfire, all from within the Zendesk application.

All of this means faster time to resolution and happier customers. Bloomfire’s Zendesk app is available now from the Zendesk App Marketplace.

Bloomfire is also launching a custom portal service for users of its software who seek to provide customers with a one-stop, self-service support experience. Each custom portal features integrated Zendesk ticketing and access to a company’s public knowledge base, giving end-users the ability to access support information and troubleshoot support issues on their own — without having to contact customer support.

“Many of our customers already use Bloomfire for support alongside Zendesk,” says Mark Hammer, Bloomfire CEO. “Bloomfire makes finding answers to customer questions and knowledge to answer questions simple. This new feature suite empowers them in unique and meaningful ways so that they can provide industry-leading support, whether that support is through self-help or through a more traditional inbound support team.”

The Bloomfire custom portal service is available today through Bloomfire.

About Bloomfire

Bloomfire exists to organize knowledge and expertise, and make it accessible and shareable with the people that need it most. Bloomfire’s easy-to-use, elegant knowledge sharing platform is used by thousands of employees at leading companies for sales enablement, customer support, and all employees. With Bloomfire, collaboration is easier, work gets done more efficiently, and employees and customers are more satisfied. Bloomfire is headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas. Request a demo today at

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March 23, 2017

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Companies that grasp what the digital workplace is really all about are willing to change the ways people and applications connect across their organizations. By fostering a digitally driven culture of collaboration, they break down silos, share knowledge more effectively and compete more successfully.

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